24th February 2018

The Gazuntite is a brand new trail run event created to replace The Hillary which has had to be cancelled for 2018 due to a rāhui placed on the Waitakere Ranges by local iwi Te Kawerau a Maki in order to prevent the continued spread of Kauri Dieback.

So we (Lactic Turkey Events) are putting together this replacement event open to current Hillary entrants and anyone else keen to come along for an awesome weekend.  We are offering free camping at the event centre on the Friday night of the event and afterwards on the night of race day so why not make a weekend of it!

Choose from an 80km Ultra Run, 80km 2-3 person run relay, or a 34 or 16km run or walk.

Based at a new-ish Auckland Regional Park – Atiu Creek Farm was gifted to the Auckland Regional Council by Jackie and Pierre Chatelanat who wanted to ensure that all New Zealanders could enjoy access to the Kaipara Harbour, and that the cultural and heritage values of the area would be protected. And what a treat they left for all of us!

You’ll enjoy a mix of open farmland, gravel farm tracks, pine covered forestry trails, native bush, hills, some awesome views of the Kaipara Harbour and some hills!!

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REGISTRATION AT RACE VENUE – please ensure you have collected your race pack at least 1/2 hour before your start time

Friday 23rd February from 5pm to 9pm

Saturday 24th February – anytime from from 5am

RACE DAY – 24th February 2018

RACE DAY – 24th February






6am 1st start for slower runners (est. total 12-15hrs)

8am 2nd start  (est. total under 12hrs)





From 2.30 to 9pm

From 12.30 to 7pm

From 1.15 to 5pm





These maps below are indicative only to show the approximate route, not necessarily the accurate distances.  Click on the images to jump through to Plotaroute.com where you will be able to change the map type, estimate your time based on KM rates, look in detail at the hill profile etc.

Also here are some flyovers of the course laps.

16km Course Doarama Flyover – http://doarama.com/view/1881123

25km lap Doarama Flyover – http://doarama.com/view/1879771

80km Course

Three stunning 25km laps and a smaller 5km lap at the end


34km Course

One stunning 25km lap and a smaller 9km lap at the end


16km Course

A single stunning 16km lap


Atiu Creek Regional Park has a long history of human occupation extending back at least six centuries. Tangata whenua of this land are subtribal groups of Te Uri o Hau and Ngāti Whatua, in particular the people associated with nearby Oruawharo Marae. Their stories are told in the carvings of the pou kaitiaki that watch over sacred sites and stand guardian over all who visit the park.

The long Māori occupation is also reflected in the numerous archaeological sites present on the property. They include several large pā (fortifications) which defended the resources of the land and the strategically important Opou walking and canoe portage between the north and south Kaipara. Other archaeological sites include occupation terraces, gardening areas, food storage pits and midden (food refuse) sites.



The event will be Atiu Creek Regional Park.  Allow a good 90 minutes from spaghetti Junction (Central Auckland) – a bit of a hike but worth it!!

  • You can come at it from SH1 – Journey north on State Highway 1 to Wellsford.  Turn left at the Caltex station and service centre onto Port Albert Road.  Follow the signs to the park. The property lies on the Kaipara Harbour, on the Okahukura (Tapora) Peninsula.

  • Or SH16 – follow SH16 until you are about 15km from Wellsford and take Wharehine Road which is a km north of a small settlement called Tauhoa.

Google Map link is here for the park entrance

We’ll signpost you into the event off Run Road.  You will enter the park and wind up a hill to the main carpark.  From here you will enter the park through a gate, which is usually locked.  Follow our signage from there but end location for carparking is here https://goo.gl/maps/dLCeK95TCRJ2

Please be aware of runners on their courses as you drive into through the park to get to the event centre!!!



Sorry due to lack of numbers we can no longer provide this service.

Bus transport – Departs (lower Hobson Street) to the event centre and return – $33 for a return trip.

Arrives at event centre at 7am, 9am and 11am and departs at 4,6 and 7pm.

Order as part of your entry process or if you have already entered, here eventplus.co.nz/gazuntite-store



There is camping at the event centre – on the Friday and Saturday nights, with potable water and toilet facilities.  You can book camping as part of your entry process or if you have already entered, here eventplus.co.nz/gazuntite-store



The safety of our participants is important to us.  For these reasons we insist every participant carries certain minimum clothing and safety equipment.  Because of the lap nature of the course and emergency access to the course, this gear requirement is reduced from that required in a traditional ultra trail run.

Each participant’s compulsory gear may be checked by race officials at registration and may be randomly checked during the event.  A participant found to not have an item of the compulsory gear may be penalised with additional time or disqualified.  It is good practice to carry this type of gear in training runs so you should have it lying around the house!

Each competitor must carry the following (relevant to the 80km and 34km courses): Whistle, wind and waterproof seam sealed jacket*, thermal hat/Thir*, at least 1 litre of fluid, a survival blanket, a mobile phone and a first aid kit. A decent first aid kit must contain as a minimum: 4cm width crepe bandage OR tri-angular bandage, a non-adherent dressing or gauze pad, 20cm fabric plaster strip, 4 plasters.

* May be relaxed (not required) on the day, dependant on the weather.  You will be notified of this at race briefing.

This gear is compulsory for the 80km and 34km courses and recommended for the 16km course.

Headlamps are required by all after 6pm.

You will also need your Red reusable cup as we will not have paper cups at aid stations – provided in your race pack.


Aid stations will be available throughout the course.

  • The 80km course will have 12 aid stations at approximately 9km, 13km, 19km, 25km, 34km, 38km, 45km, 51km, 60km, 64km, 70km and 76km.

  • The 34km course will have 4 aid stations at approximately 9km, 13km, 19km and 25km.

  • The 16km course will have 2 aid stations at approximately 9km and 13km.

Aid stations will be well stocked with a selection of food and liquid, some basic medical supplies and a truckload of encouragement from the volunteers manning them!  Food and liquid will include at least water, coke, bananas, oranges, chips, biscuits, lollies, sandwich making gear (jam, honey, peanut butter etc).

It is advised that you also have your own liquid and food supplies in between these aid stations.

You are welcome to leave drop bags at the event centre which you pass through at the 25km, 50km and 70km.

There are some public toilets at the same place as the 13/19/38/45/64/70km aid stations for the 80km event and at 13km aid station for the 16km event.

The 80 and 34km events also will loop through the event centre so have toilets there at 25, 50 and 70km


For the 80km course there will be a cut-off at the start/finish area where the laps come through to ensure the slowest finish time is under 15 hours.  This will mean you have to complete 2 laps of the 25km circuit by 3pm (9hours for 50km).  If you do not make this cut-off then you will be stopped at 2 laps and recorded as completing 50km.

For the 34km course there will be a cut-off at the start/finish area where the laps come through to ensure the slowest finish time is under 8 hours. This will mean you have to complete 1 lap of the 25km circuit by 4pm (6hours for 25km).  If you do not make this cut-off then you will be stopped at 1 lap and recorded as completing 25km.

Runners may not continue on the 80 or 34km course if they fail to meet these cut-offs.



Kauri-Dieback-LogoThe Gazuntite course goes through soem poatches of native bush which may have kauri in it.  We will continue to work with the Auckland Council to ensure that we mitigate the risk of the event spreading Kauri dieback.  Through these measures and education of participants and supporters we ensure that we are using best practice to minimise the risk of spreading the disease that is affecting New Zealand’s greatest majestic native trees.  The event also aims to help raise awareness of the Kauri dieback issue to the wider public.  Please ensure you read all the information on Kauri dieback here which outlines what the issue is and what you can do – whether part of the event or in your training.  Lets all help raise awareness of the issue!



As part of your entry fee we provide you a post race meal.



For 2018 – shirts will be provided as part of your entry fee.

* Shirts included for first 350 entrants and some sizes may not be available to later entrants



Order as part of your entry process or at our or if you have already entered here, eventplus.co.nz/gazuntite-store



Get your special Lactic Turkey Events customised Thir (brand new design below).

These are included in the race pack for all 80km entrants.  For the rest of you or your supporters…purchase your customised Thir Bands for $20

Thir Bands are multi-functional headwear with at least 12 ways to wear it on your head. They offer protection from the elements, and form an attractive piece of head, or hair wear. You can carry it on your wrist, or even on your ankle, and they’ve even been worn as leg and arm warmers!

They are manufactured from EnduroCool 100% polyester micro-fiber, which is wind resistant, breathable, and wicks moisture. When washed the Thir Band is colour fast, dries in minutes, and retains its elasticity.

Thir Bands are stitched and formed on a specialized machine. This leaves a tube that has no irritating seams, allows the fabric to retain it’s shape, and gives a tremendous amount of strength to the finished garment. The ‘stitch free’ process allows Thir Band to support up to 150KG (over 300 pounds!) of weight.

Order as part of your entry process or at our or if you have already entered here, eventplus.co.nz/gazuntite-store


Before eagerly clicking on the enter button – please make sure you have read all the information on this page and in the entry process you will agree to a waiver which refers to the rules and conditions to the event, which you should also read here.


80km Ultra Run

    • 80km of the fantastic trail goodness
    • Post race meal
    • Finishers medal
    • Customised Thir Band
    • 2018 Event T-shirt*

80km Relay for 2-3 people (run only)

$100 per person
    • Share 80km of the fantastic trail goodness with your mates
    • Post race meal
    • Finishers medal
    • 2018 Event T-shirt*
    • Changeover points at the event centre (start/finish) 25km and 50km

34km Run or Walk

    • 34km of the fantastic trail goodness
    • Post race meal
    • Finishers medal
    • 2018 Event T-shirt*

16km Run or Walk

    • 16km of the fantastic trail goodness
    • Post race meal
    • Finishers medal
    • 2018 Event T-shirt*
    • Junior rate of $45

Optional Extras

    • Bus transport – we are looking into buses from Auckland central city and will advertise this once finalised (can be purchased later)

    • Customised Thir Band – $20 (can be purchased later)

    • Gazuntite Trucker Cap – $25 (can be purchased later)

All fees are expressed in NZ Dollars