The P6 is our introductory 6 hour adventure race (run/walk/mountain bike/tubing) and the lite version, the P3, which has no mountain bike stage and is 3hrs instead of 6hrs!

Based at a secret location (within 90 minutes of Auckland) which is revealed in the week of the event.

Solo people or Teams of 2 or 4 compete in a 6 or 3 hour event, to collect as many points as you can.  It’s a stage type event with a central transition area – you decide how far to go and how many points to score.  It’s a mix of running/walking (you choose the pace!), mountain biking (6 hour event only), navigation, team work and mystery activities.

  • 6 hours

  • Run/walk, mountain bike, tubing, navigation

  • Mystery activities, team building, strategy

  • Central transition area, so no support crew needed

  • 4-8 stages

  • 3 hours

  • Run/walk, tubing, navigation

  • Mystery activities, team building, strategy

  • Central transition area, so no support crew needed

  • 3-6 stages


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So what are you waiting for!

Enter as an individual or grab a bunch of mates and enter as a team


Another event by Lactic Turkey Events

Lactic Turkey organises a variety of events throughout the year with the aim of getting people into the outdoors.  Our events are aimed at people of all ages, fitness levels and skills. We want people to get out and give our adventures a go, relishing the buzz that comes with conquering the challenge.

Our professionally organised events inspire a real sense of self-belief in the participants when obstacles are overcome. The common profile of a Lactic Turkey competitor is a person that wants to get into the outdoors to experience life and conquer the physical and mental challenges that inevitably arise. We as event organisers are active in outdoor pursuits and enjoy exploring new places.

Lactic Turkey Events likes to give back to the communities who support our events.  We have organised events that are fundraisers for local schools, The Graeme Dingle Foundation, KidsCan, the Auckland Zoo Orangutan programme and The Westy Trust amongst others

We also support youth into the outdoors by sponsoring youth events like the Hillary Challenge and Get2Go and organising for the Auckland Council a Secondary Schools Sustainability Adventure Race.

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