The Twenty One Kilometre Course

Method of Ambulation:  The 21km course is not open to walkers. You gotta run it, like… HAVE TO.. Think you can sneaky sneak into the course saying you’ll run and walk? The game will be up very quickly and we punch your timecard and end your race. Please don’t test this theory. The 10km is a wikkid good option for walking.

Distance: In the past I’ve been accused of having courses that are “nominally” 21 Kilometres, but not excessively nominally (as in Barkley Marathon nominal).  You could describe them as “Collins-esque” if you will. But nope, no longer.  This is the second year we will have run the 21km on this course and it is dead-on 21km. 

Elevation: What even is vert, mannnn? Or something. The elevation that my Wrist organiser gives me is 685m. 

Course Composition: Very, very trail heavy. 80% single track, 15% Gravel 3% double track/clay road 2% Road.

Will This Be An Insult to My Physical Integrity and Hurt My Feelings? This course doesn’t care about your feelings.  Have you ever knelt on Lego? At times this course will make you feel like it promised to go to the year nine social with you then just didn’t call and then you went by yourself anyway and saw it there with Sarah and they were dancing to “Tap the Bottle” by Young Black Teenagers. You will feel betrayal and sadness. You’ll end up having a great time though, and when the end finally comes you’ll feel tough and cool. We will all think you look more fetching and capable (if that were possible).

What Can I Expect?: You’ll start at the school. Tear up the road, hang a right and then snake down Crabb Fields Lane for 400m to the forest entrance. Pro Tip: If you want to hit the style type entrance first and avoid a log jam RUN FAST. Once you hit the forest you’ll hit the first of the many pinch climbs that litter the course. This little darling is known as the Sunshine trail. Don’t crack all your eggs at once. There is plenty of time to crack your eggs. At the top of the trail you’ll link onto a  kilometre or so of dank gravel with some actual sweet views. 

Once you’ve minced the dank chonk you’ll head into a trail network called “Sidewinder” which winds (duh) four or so km up to the first aid station which is around 8 km.  in you’ll top out at the highest point in Riverhead Forest and enjoy your first aid station… Soak in the full panoramic view of  the whole of Auckland city. Gather yourself, reset your Chi and strap in for a couple of kilometres of super fun descent down on a ripping gravel section over to one of the best trail descents ever..swoopy, wide open trail goodness. 

From here you’ll loop around on a short gravel section to more single track (I’m running out of adjectives) and the second aid station at the bridge, about 11km in. Brace yourselves, Kiddies, the next 5km are a touch hectic in places..the most pressure being a cutie all us locals know as Crybaby Hill. You’ll be happy to see 1500m or so of gravel road after this to channel your spirit animal/journal your feelings and get ready for MORE TRAIL, including the amazing Thing 2 and Pork Scratchings trails, where the you will find you third aid station. 

At the end of Pork Scratchings  you’ll have slapped the smile off your face You’ll have a short flat section of gravel then you’ll be smelling the barn. You’ll work your way back up the hill via some AUTHENTIC SETTLER ROADS (Whereby they carted Riverhead Gold Tobacco, marketed as ‘good for the lungs’) where you’ll be rewarded with your final aid station. From there it’s a ripper back down the famous Gucci trail, a final sprint up the road to hopefully not punch me in the face at the finish line.

5 and 10km Kilometre Courses

We don’t have a description of these course, preferring instead to keep them a surprise for you 🙂