Health and Safety Notice

It is compulsory for all entrants in this event, their guardians and their supporters to read this notice and comply with its stipulations. It is also their responsibilty to familiarise themselves with the event course and all its hazards, including those not mentioned here.  Please inform your supporters of their responsibility to comply.

Primary Responsibility

  • You are responsible for your own health and safety during the event. In entering this event, you must sign or agree to a statement of understanding to this effect.
  • You should only undertake to participate in this event if you believe that you are fit to do so, as confirmed by a doctor.
  • At no stage of this event should you engage in activity that would threaten your own safety and the safety of other people.
  • There are no road closures in this event, so you must exercise caution and obey New Zealand road rules.
  • You should obey marshals, police and traffic officials, where they are instructing you for your safety.
  • You should make supporters aware of the time you expect to finish and ask them to alert race organisers if you fail to return to the race venue.

Safe Conduct During the Event

  • The roads on the course are open to all motorists at all times.
  • You must always run on the footpath where there is one.
  • All runners and walkers must comply with the road code.
  • At no stage should you run on the road unless crossing a side road or the major road crossings.
  • Please be cautious where the footpath is uneven or potentially slippery.
  • Observe conditions on the day and react accordingly for your own safety.

Look Out for Fellow Competitors

  • Slower runners and walkers, please keep left on the footpath at all times to allow faster competitors to pass on the right.
  • If you are running the 21km event, please take care of walkers and warn them as you come through.
  • Please report any accidents during the event to staff or marshals.
  • Please give assistance where fellow competitors are in need of help. St John paramedics will be on hand for first aid during the event and marshals can assist with contacting them.

Major Hazard: Crossing Roads

  • Runners and walkers cross roads during the course.
  • Regardless of the density of competitor flow, you must only cross at the designated point and nowhere else.
  • You must be prepared to stop and await marshal instruction.
  • Traffic management officials and race marshals will be operating a stop/go system, controlling the flow of traffic
  • You must stop if requested to do so. The road is not closed and traffic queues cannot be allowed to build: impatient drivers may create a hazard to competitors.

Other Side Roads and Driveways

  • You must cross a number of other side roads and driveways on the course. Always be prepared to stop to keep yourself safe, even if you have right of way.
  • Larger driveways may have traffic approaching you from the left and right.
  • When crossing a side road, standard road rules apply. Be prepared to stop and give way to traffic.

General Safety

  • Asthmatics must carry an inhaler.
  • Spectators must not follow athletes in vehicle or on bicycles on the course at any time during the event.
  • Parents/guardians must keep children under control.
  • Where a competitor is under 18 years, their parent or legal guardian is responsible for their safety.
  • Missing persons or competitors who fail to return to the venue as expected must be reported to race officials at the finish line.
  • Dogs must not accompany runners or walkers in this event. If spectators have no choice but to bring dogs, they must be on a leash at all times and kept well clear of all runners.