The Riverhead Backyard ReLaps Relay or Solo

Unfortunately due to a rule change in the Backyard Ultra movement, we are not allowed to run another event at the same time as a backyard ultra.  There is the possibility of backyard runners receiving support from relay runners out on the course – support being pacing, verbal or physical aid. 

So we’re assessing if we organsie a separate ReLaps Relay and solo event.

Solo or relay teams of 2, 4 or 6 people completing as many laps as possible (non-stop) in either 8, 12 or 24 hours.

One runner at a time on the course which goes through the tent city so you transition right outside your team’s tent!

Summary of the Relay

  • Starts at 10am on Saturday XX XXXXX (see note above)

  • Solo people or teams of 2, 4 or 6 people complete as many laps (6.71km) as they can in the time limit

  • The relay does not have the 1 lap per hour format instead participants just keep running non-stop

  • Only one person from each team is running on the course at any time

  • Each team will be allocated a tent site on the course at the event base. Teams set up this site as they please and the runners tag right outside their tent site

  • Teams decide who runs how many and which laps – totally up to them

  • The event is aimed at all fitness levels from families to running clubs to corporate teams. We encourage walking teams too!

  • Teams are encouraged to dress up in a team costume!



The event is in Riverhead Forest. The event centre is just off Ararimu Valley Rd.  Take Old North Road through the western side of the Riverhead Forest and turn down Ararimu Valley Road which is on your right.

Please park as directed.


If you’re looking at this on a mobile device you might need to swipe left to see the details of the table

Backyard Ultra

Registration at the venue

& Tent set-up

 From 6:30am
Saturday 1st April

Race Briefing





when the last person is standing and completes a lap (Sunday or Monday maybe?)


Once you’ve finished your event you’re welcome to stay at the venue and in your tent site, cheering on the other ultra and/or relay runners.  In fact, we encourage it!


The course will be a 6.7km lap through a mix of commercial pine forest and native bush.

The course has around 160m vertical gain per lap, but unlike past years its earlier and mainly all in one go!

Lap times start and finish under the start/finish gantry.

Click on the image below to go to the Strava segment of the 2021 course – this was tweaked a little from the 2019 & 2020 courses to make it smoother, take out some of the more gnarly quad busting downhills.

Alternatively look at the course in more detail and download a GPX file…[here]

The same loop will be used for the day and night!!


Teams can be made up of 2, 4 or 6 people aged 14 years or older, with the gender categories being men, women or mixed.

There must be at least two women in a mixed team with 6 people or 1 women in teams of 2 or 4 people.

Walking teams are in an open category so any gender combination is allowed.

Corporate teams should be mixed teams with at least two women and with all team members in full or part-time employment at the organisation.

Every team member must complete at least 2 laps each.


  • Run as many laps as possible in the time category teams have entered

  • Only one runner from the team on the course at a time

  • Runners can do as many laps in a row as they like before switching to another team member

  • Change runners on the course outside your tent (the timing chip is your team baton to swap)

  • No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)

  • No personal aid/support during a lap (the one aid/support location is the event base)

  • No artificial aids (including poles!)

  • Slower runners – please allow faster runners to pass

  • The winning team has the most complete laps in the time category entered

  • In the event of top teams having the same number of complete laps, the time the last lap was completed will decide the winner

  • No Relay runners are to provide support or pacing to the Backyard Ultra runner – gear, food or liquids.  All that is allowed is a quick verbal encouragement as they pass you or you pass them.  Both your relay team and the Ultra runner will be disqualified if this rule is broken.

  • No cats, dogs or other domesticated animals allowed on the course with runners.


Because of the lap nature of the course there is no compulsory gear required.


Other team members act as the support crew for runners in the Riverhead Backyard ReLaps Relay.  For teams with younger people or minimal team members, you are allowed 1 support person on your tent site.

General supporters can cheer/encourage/kick up the arse at the finish line etc but can not join the runners in their tents. This is to prevent overcrowding on the course around the tents.


We welcome spectators to come and have a look and support all the runners, however this is at the event centre only.  No spectators are allowed out in the forest, as they may be deemed support for a runner and may result in that runners disqualification.

Please be aware of the limited resources we have had to bring on site, e.g. toilets and water which participants have helped pay for so, they should have priority.

No dogs are allowed in the forest or at the event centre please.


There will be no aid stations or any water provided out on the course – you’re on your own, in this regards, when you’re out on the lap…its only 6.7km!

There will be water available for participants at the event base.  We are cup free so please bring your own vessel for holding water.


Each team will be allocated a 3m x 4m site within the event base. A section of the course will weave amongst the tent sites allowing teams to transition right outside their tent before continuing to the start/finish line. No vehicles will be allowed on the tent sites.

The Individuals doing the Backyard Ultra will be given sites closer to the finish line.

Teams requiring neighbouring tent sites (2 or more teams entered such as corporate teams, running clubs or extended families) can request this by emailing the event organisers at

Team tent sites do not have power or water.


We have event trucker caps and t-shirts for sale as part of the entry process or our online store HERE.

$20 – Trucker 5-panel Mesh Caps

We wear these caps ourselves and no matter if its a formal cap for wearing out and about or your running cap, these things look good and are quality.

$30 – Commemorative Event Tee (not a running tee but one you wear out and about)

Making use of the fancy event logo these shirts can be worn with pride!

Regular fit, Crew neck, Mid weight, 180 GSM, 28-singles
100% combed cotton (marles 15% polyester)
Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, preshrunk to minimise shrinkage
Regular fit, Crew neck, Mid weight, 180 GSM, 28-singles
100% combed cotton (marles 15% polyester)
Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, preshrunk to minimise shrinkage


The following food and drink vendors will be onsite at various times throughout the weekend.  Probably best to bring cash because mobile reception is patchy, so EFTPOS may not work.

NomNom Food Trailer

Delicious Asian inspired bowls direct from friendly Riverhead Locals.

The most popular dishes are the lemongrass fried chicken and a sticky pork belly that just melts in the mouth.

Available Saturday lunchtime till around 4pm

Riverhead Scouts

The local scout group will be doing a BBQ on Saturday night from about 5pm (menu to be confirmed). They will then return at 7am the next morning, on Sunday to do egg and bacon butties!

Pirate Coffee – A Brewed Awakening

The peeps from Pirate Coffee will be there selling hot drinks.


The lovely peeps from Realign Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy will be at the venue offering massage for $20 for 15 minutes.  There will be 2 therapists per shift, Friday 1pm-5pm & 5pm-9pm. Saturday 9am-1pm; 1pm-5pm and maybe depending on demand  a late shift of 5pm-9pm.


The following are the rules of the event and you will sign your agreement to these during the entry process.

Event in the following waiver declaration is known as “Riverhead Backyard ReLaps Ultra & Relay”.

  • I agree to comply with the rules, regulations and event instructions of the Event.
  • At all times competitors must obey the instructions of Race Officials and Police Officers and beware of vehicular transport. Any competitor who fails to obey the instructions of Race officials or the Police will be removed from the Event and disqualified. The race director has the discretion to disqualify competitors.
  • No competitor may use any banned substances with the intent to improve their performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose. Any competitor serving a ban for banned substances in another sport is not permitted to enter.  The Event Organisers may test any athlete for the use of a prohibited substance at its own discretion – a positive test resulting in disqualification.
  • It is important that all competitors exhibit good behaviour and sportsmanlike conduct, and treat fellow competitors, Event organisers, volunteers and contractors with courtesy and respect. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at any time before, during or after the Event.
  • If a competitor withdraws from the Event they must advise the finish line officials of their withdrawal as soon as possible and prior to leaving the venue.
  • I acknowledge that there are risks involved with participation in this Event and fully realise the dangers of participating in an event such as this and fully assume the risks associated with such participation and my wellbeing during the Event.
  • I understand and agree that situations may arise during the Event, which may be beyond the immediate control of officials or organisers, and I must continually participate in a manner that does not endanger either myself or others.
  • I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in the Event and I have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.
  • The Event organisers reserve the right to alter rules, regulations, Event course and venues at any time provided athletes are advised prior to the Event, or if such a change is in the interest of competitor safety.
  • The Event Organisers reserve the right to implement the contingency plan in the interests of competitor safety but will not be held liable for any loss as a result of such a decision. In the event such a decision is made, if the conditions are still deemed to be unsafe, the Event organisers have sole discretion, and may cancel the Event without obligation to refund entry fees.
  • Neither the organisers, the sponsors nor other parties associated with the Event shall have any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any risk incident that might arise, whether or not by negligence, from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death that might be sustained by me or any other party directly or indirectly associated with me, from my intended or actual participation in the Event or its related activities. I do therefore hereby on behalf of my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees release and forever discharge the organisers, sponsors of, landowners and any and all persons involved in the conduct of the event from any and all liability whatsoever or claims of damages or actions whatsoever (including negligence) in any manner arising out of my participation in the Event.
  • I authorise my name, voice, picture and information on this entry form to be used without payment to me in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising, or any other way pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993.
  • I consent to organisers or suppliers filming me with an aerial quadcopter above or next to me while taking part in the Event.
  • I consent to receiving medical treatment which may be advisable in the event of illness or injuries suffered during the Event.
  • I have if relevant to this Event, made my team members aware of these conditions and have authority to sign on their behalf.
  • I understand that I have rights under the Privacy Act 1993 to access and correct any information held about me.