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Looking for a new challenge? Love being outdoors in nature? Love hiking or trail running? Have a sense of direction? Or maybe no sense of direction but definitely a sense of adventure? Either way, a TrailNav Challenge is just the thing for you.

A what?  A TrailNav Challenge event (some call this a rogaine) is a solo or teams navigation challenge.  You can compete in a 3 hour or 90 minute challenge. This is the perfect mix of team work, personal challenge, strategy and enjoying the outdoors!

We give you a map and the challenge involves navigating around the area (don’t worry, it’s all pretty straightforward navigation – if you can read a street map or zoo/museum map😊 you can do this!) and finding checkpoints (worth a varying amount of points) identified on a map to gain the most points. Some are easy (you get there, you get points, end of story), others have awesome mystery activities that give you extra points.

The beauty of it is that you choose how you want to go about it. You can choose to go fast for easy points or do it a bit slower collecting the closer checkpoints with added mysteries to get more points. The distance you cover will depend on how you plan your route (you get planning time before you start) but, fast or slow, Far or not so far, fun is guaranteed!

Lactic Turkey Events has organised quality Rogaine or TrailNav Challenge events since 2002!

For 2019 we have a series of 3 TrailNav Challenge events and then our introductory adventure race which is a similar format teams event.  Do one, two or all of the series – you choose!  We have a discount for entering all three.

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30th June 2019 The open bird sanctuary of Shakespear Regional Park makes for really interesting navigating.  Open farmland and primo bush tracks gives a bit of everything and 360 degree views to distract you!



 28th July 2019 This event is in the pine forest of Riverhead.  A big network of tracks zigzagging through the lush green mature forest, making navigation easier with lots of options for you to do a course that suits!


25th August 2019 Open farmland and primo bush tracks gives a bit of everything and 360 degree views to distract you!

Event Base location is [here]

And in a similar format – our P6 or P3 Introductory Adventure Race on

10th November This is a the same sort of event but the P6 is a 6 hour version with Mountain bike and tubing stages.  The P3 is 3 hours long and has no mountain bikes.  See the P6/P3 event website for more information


  • 2 to 5 person teams – families, schools, social, corporate – any other combinations
  • OR a solo category
  • Score as many points in the time limit as possible (3 or 1.5 hours)
  • Teams must stay together at all times
  • Score points by navigating to checkpoints using the provided map or completing the fun mystery activities!
  • A prize giving will take place afterwards
  • Token merit prizes for the top teams
  • Range of great spot prizes drawn randomly
  • Post race BBQ included as part of your entry fee!